This Book


When you practice martial arts, one of the first lessons you are taught is this one: Whatever quest, goal or fight you will have to go through, the only foe you will have to face over and over again is not anyone but yourself.

Samurai knew, from battles, fights and quests, that he was the only person to blame if he had to face a failure or a defeat. He knew that the true obstacle to overcome were his own destructive, personal emotions like fear and jealousy, guilt and frustration. Way before starting to think about facing the opponents, he knew that his weapon was not his katana; it was his soul.

For musicians, it’s the same thing.

If you decide to become a musician, you must be aware that to get to happiness and success, you will have to fight yourself and overcome strong emotions like fear, frustration, guilt and jealousy, all of them accompanied with annoying periods of doubt, loneliness and disbelief. You will have to take both risk and responsibility for what will happen in your life, without fear of consequences, shame or what people would say.

That’s a part of the Samurai’s path.


This is not a textbook, but a sharing experience. If you can – and I am sure you do – I would like to invite you to read this book as a guide written by a friend who has something special to share with you. Every single line from every page comes from what I’ve learned, lived and been through. However, this book is not about me. It’s all about you. My path is only mine and I am happy to get you on board and become a part of my journey. Still, your path is only yours and every idea, advice or concept you will find in here is pointed towards you.

I won’t throw around genres or names I don’t know much about. I won’t name great jazz, classical, digital or reggae artists since I don’t have knowledge nor skills to do so. I bet you’re smart enough to interpret and apply my examples to whatever musical style you are an expert in.