The Final Verse


The Musician Samurai Hymn

We are legion, we are musicians
We are martial artists
We are samurais and ninjas
Music is our shogun
Our soul is our blade

We are inspired and fearless
We think we can change the world
And one day, we will
It’s in our soul and in our flesh
Our inner music makes us different
It gives us a sense of eternity
A sense of purpose on Earth
A quest to undergo

When the Curtain Falls

I’ve never been very gifted for music. I’ve always had a bad ear and pretty approximate perception of rhythm. To be honest, I can’t even sing Happy Birthday’ in tune. But I have the fire, the passion and the heart; I still have them. I’ve been hard on myself for so many years, living with the frustration of not having an absolute pitch and not being the fastest guitarist in the world. Looking back ten years from now, I can say I was in a quest for recognition, hoping that, after the show, everyone would celebrate a wonderful solo of mine or difficult rhythm I have played. When you’re in such a quest, compliments are never enough and doubts remain. No matter how kind words you have been told, they can’t fill what your heart yearns for. Then I realized the problem was not in music at all. The problem was I didn’t know who I was and where I belong. I was frustrated both in my professional and personal life and I was expecting music to fill the void inside of me.

It’s only when I found my way in 2009 – when I became the coach and author  – that I realized I don’t need to dream about being a professional musician anymore. Now I want to write books, I want to be a speaker, I want to help people through coaching and I don’t want to be a professional musician. Others do this better than me.

However, since the first note I’ve played, music has changed my life forever. So did my bandmates, or soulmates should I say, I shared so many unexplainable feelings and sensations with. Music gave me self-confidence; it gave me the power to be myself and reach my destiny. I wouldn’t be a professional psychology coach by now if I haven’t been a musician in the first place. Music never betrayed me: it has always been there and always will be. Music made me travel through time and space without a move. It fills my heart with peace and joy, helps me wander far from my body and envision my next projects, whatever they might be.

Music equals the school of life: as musicians, we struggle to get on stage. Once we’re on it, the curtain falls with nothing behind except us. No cheating is possible when we’re on stage: we’re naked and we have to do what the audience expects us to do. Maybe you were thinking how being a musician was a way for becoming the best performer ever. Nope. Being a musician is a gift that has been given to you in order to find yourself. Human Life is a jigsaw puzzle for which we must figure out what pieces we’re missing deeply. When we find that one and we add it to our puzzle, the truth is unveiled.

Still, many other missing pieces have to be found. That’s why we can’t sit on the top of the world saying: Here I am, I’ve got nothing to learn anymore’.

Hence, improve yourself for a lifetime, be opened to change,  to another consciousness level. Don’t forget the heart, the guts, the pleasure. Music is fun; music is laugh and good vibrations; music is love and sharing; music is not elitism or intellectualism. Smile widely, give people the best of yourself and take pleasure wherever it comes from: jazz, salsa, heavy metal, techno, blues, classical stuff, experimental digital art – whatever. Because we’re samurais of life, we will be better musicians: we have to surpass what we were,  […]