Mentors and Disciples


When you start playing music – assuming that you are gifted enough – you don’t really need a teacher to show you how to play the songs you love. You just have to get yourself an acoustic guitar or a small keyboard and start playing. Maybe you will have to use some basic chords textbook, but it won’t take long before you start playing basic songs with pleasure.

If you are not that gifted for music and you feel like overwhelmed every time you are near your instrument – like I used to  – you will need someone to help you walk on your musical path, at least for the first steps. Having a guide can actually save you a lot of time and make you avoid some pretty unpleasant cul-de-sacs.

In fact, guidance will help you not to be repelled or frustrated because you’ve made some wrong decisions. Let’s face it: starting to play an instrument can be a tough adventure and at some point, even though you love music, your instrument can become very resistant. Any musician could tell you that, gifted or not, when you start playing, you have to cling to your passion since many obstacles are waiting down the road.


A mentor is someone who inspires and helps us to be ourselves rather than imitating him. He makes us feel better as musicians and each time he speaks, we seem to grow and learn new things. Through his vision of music, he helps us to develop our own skills and abilities instead of merely reproducing his.

A few musical phrases of his can make us practice for a week. It is possible to feel dumb after listening to a teacher, but you will always feel smarter with a mentor. A mentor is someone who hasn’t got a single thing to prove but has everything to give.

The Samurai’s masters, as mentors to their students, were the exact opposite of a teacher. Follow that path and try to find yourself a genuine musical martial art master who will spend time with you to make your own Samurai’s potential explode. I am talking about a musician who would be pleased to share his vision as much as you would be honored to hear it.