You probably think you are great musician, but whatever your skills, passions, and commitments may be, there’s always someone better, someone who could beat the s*** out of you with a single note. There are musicians (and that even includes the worst ones) far better than you and you should accept it. As far as I am concerned, I have basic musical skills and quite good guitar technique. I am familiar with speed-picking, sweeping and some tapping. However, this statement doesn’t change the truth: you play better than me without a doubt. Whatever your talent, is: a better ear, some monster licks or beautiful chords up in your sleeve, I am sure you could play me off. It’s because I can’t play your musical language the way you do. I’ve heard some very bad musicians making bad music. Every time that happened, I realized there were some musical tricks I wouldn’t be able to play. It isn’t a matter of achieving certain musical level – it is about musician’s  identity. That was the moment I became aware: music isn’t defined by technique or the instrument: it’s defined by musician’s DNA.

That’s the reason why every musician should appreciate listening and looking at others who may be playing better. By observing how they do it, one could nurture their own understanding of music. Please, don’t be contemptuous and don’t systematically think you are entitled to criticize other people’s music just because you think you play better than them.